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Our treatment includes the highest level of care for individuals who need to get out of the dismal condition they entered in and start over with a fresh beginning. We have had huge success rates through our techniques. Our personalized program brings an entirely new experience for people who search for the greatest resolve to their problems.

  • We assess individuals psychologically and physically.
  • Provide mind refreshing mental health programs.
  • Give attention to clients 24/7.

Recover Fast with Our Acclaimed Programs

Ours is the one and only kind of centre in Ontario that has a retreat-like setting offering the best Mental Health Treatment. Substance Abuse Treatment and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Helping individuals for a long time. we designed the best recovery programs that overcome devastating afflictions. Our professionals, too. had their share of substance abuse who recovered upon being touched by our mental health healing. Their pain was miserable at the time, but our holistic approach helped those onto a better life.

At Recovery Network. our treatment is always client focused. We ask them about their experience that brought them to our door. Because of this, we come up with a unique recovery plan that covers their need.

We are the ONLY non-12-Step ALL Clinical Mental Health facility that undertakes the one on one program in Canada. Since the 12-step relies on beliefs, it makes people uncomfortable. Our program is entirely Mental Health-based, where we get to the root of the issue, finding what made our clients self medicate.

Our practical method Of delivering successful results includes:

  • One on One therapy
  • Rehab Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • Aftercare

Our recovery program assists clients in learning new ways Of living life. We teach them to think clearly before reacting impulsively. We prepare a path, so they can observe who they were once and how they changed for good and what made them do it.

Our Solutions


Recovery Program

Our recovery programs treat mental health and substance abuse comprehensively. The plans comprise of therapy, regular wellness check-ins. and our unique mental health program.


Individualized Care

Our personalized plan suits clients where our therapists and counsellors works in collaboration with them after assessing their genetic, biochemical, behaviour, cultural, socioeconomic factors.


Residential Inpatient Treatment

Our Inpatient treatment and recovery plans offered in our health facilities are given by our highly credentialed staff that responds well to all the client needs.



The plans part of our aftercare service includes:

  • Finding a support group
  • Continued direct virtual or in person client and family therapy
  • Offering referral information
  • Preparing diet and fitness plans
  • Providing sources so always to staying connected with the Recovery
  • Network through alumni meets. group activity, etc.

Some situations may need additional treatment where we offer a healthy environment to individuals surrounded by our staff. The process is called sober living.
Our aftercare plan ensures that each person who leaves the Recovery Network has a full support system after recovery.

Our Locations



Peel Place Retreat

We are proud to introduce you to our NEW Peel Place Retreat location, expanding and responding to the increased demand for our program in Ontario.




Alberta Addiction Treatment – Now being offered in Ontario



Halton Hills Retreat

Coming soon

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